Domaine Des Granges is : a unique terroir in a preserved area, a vineyard anchored among salt marshes, a vineyard influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and protected from marine spray by the forest of Olonne. 

Our story

Christian was born in a winegrower family and made its studies in the Nantes area, then he started to work for some winegrowers.

Twenty years of exchanges, sharing, and getting experiences with its passion : the wine. He got some experiences for Bordeaux and Touraine countries, but the only thing he kept in mind was to come back home in its native country: the “Vendée”. 

In 2011 an opportunity came to him and his wife. Christian and Delphine inherited some cultivated and non-cultivated land in the area of the designation “Fiefs Vendéens” from their great grandfather. It was for them an occasion to discover a unique and particular terroir.

Our terroir

Our vines are implanted in a unique terroir constituted with schist, rhyolites and quartz. The proximity of the ocean provide to our vine a unique specificity and savor.

Our vines

We are going to get the AB label (label for Biological Agricultur).

Our lands are prepared and worked with respect, trying to stimulate their expressions and specificity. Ocean air influences the vine fruit, giving to the grapes a particular taste.

The hand made vintage, soils plowing, allows us to get authentics wines.

He cultivate different vines for quality assemblies

Chardonnay, Chenin, Gamay, Pinot Noir, Negrette and Cabernet are cultivated in our domain of 12ha.

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Horaires d'ouverture :


Ouvert tous les jours :

10h - 12h  & 16h -18h30.

Fermé le dimanche après midi.



Ouvert à partir de 18h : Lundi au vendredi.

Le samedi :10h30 - 12h & 16h - 18h 

Fermé le mecredi et le dimanche


Vous pouvez nous contacter soit :

 par le formulaire de contact

par téléphone au

pour prendre rendez-vous en dehors des horaires d'ouverture

A bientôt au Domaine des Granges

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé

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